Saturday, November 03, 2018

New Home on the way

I have become a proud new home owner on 1 November 2018. My dearest mum and my childhood bestie bore witness to my key collection event at the HDB Hub. On that afternoon, three potential contractors have viewed my flat. The very next day, God sent Matthew, a church friend, an interior designer who is also an actor and singer to consult with the layout and design of my flat.

I pray for wisdom to work with the right people for the right home that will glorify God the most. Yet, I also pray that I will keep to the $15k budget that I had. If reno package with contractor is $11k, ID fee is $3k, I only have $1k left for miscellaneous items.

Lord, I pray that I will enjoy the process of doing up this home for your glory. Amen!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Karen's 50th Birthday Lunch

Today being 20th September is Karen's 50th, Htike's 38th and Sam's 19th birthday... And both Ann and I got to celebrate with Karen at Tingkat Pera Makan nearby EAST at 119 Owen Road. It is a Peranakan restaurant nearest EAST. The food is simple but soulful. We enjoyed our lunch and fellowship. It was a simple celebration but fun enough. Thanking God for life, health and friends to celebrate birthdays with. Just two days ago, a few of us at EAST celebrated Joseph's birthday with a blueberry cheesecake.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Three Sessions with A

The past three sessions with A have been very helpful for my personal growth. I was due to meet her on coming Monday afternoon. However, I have decided to end it already because I felt the cost per session seemed rather hefty. Even though deep down, I know it is good investment in myself as a person. I hope to be able to pick it up able sometime in the future.

8-16 October 2018 Trip to Shenzhen

Looking forward to a 寻根之旅 with mum, two uncles, a cousin and an uncle's friend. Destination: Shenzhen and Dapu's surrounding areas. Maternal Grandfather's hometown.

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Post Jogja Trip

30 Aug to 2 Sep - mum, sis and I travelled to Jogja together. It was sis' birthday trip. She planned it and she paid for most of it. Air-tickets and accommodation. And the trip almost didn't happen as I often threaten not to go along with it when we have our usual siblings conflicts. Nonetheless, God was gracious to us all and it happened. We enjoyed ourselves despite a tiff here and there even during the trip. That's how my family rolls, I guess. Especially now that the family nucleus has been watered down to just three ladies in the house. Mum is in her mid seventies, sis is in her early fifties and I am in my early to mid forties. Two middle aged women and one elderly senior lady who isn't willing to admit she's a senior. Well, I guess it's probably because mum doesn't look a day over fifty, to her credit. :D

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

28 August 2018

Over the past weekend, my family (mum, sis, bro, sis-in-law, nephew and I) celebrated my sis' 51st birthday in advance at Chui Hway Lim Teochew Cuisine along Keng Lee Road with a Sunday's lunch. That is mum's current favourite Teochew restaurant and in recent years, we have celebrated mum and dad's birthdays there. For sis' birthday celebration there, it's a first. Last year, for sis' golden birthday celebration, we celebrated at Au Petit Salut at Harding Road around Dempsey area on her actual birthday but we had a pre-birthday brunch at The Flute at The National Museum and had a buffet lunch at Elleborough Market Cafe at Swissotel Merchant Court as her post-birthday-joint-celebration with our dear cousin P. It was our cousin's 60th last year. We had a lot of feasting last year and it was wonderful that cousin TF was in Sg to join in all the festivities. Those were cherished memories of good times and yummy food.

Meanwhile, I am looking forward to sis' birthday trip from 30 Aug to 2 Sep. Mum, sis and I will be in Yogyakarta from Thursday to Sunday and it will be my first time there. It is Lisman's hometown and he sent me some interesting links and itinerary to look at. I hope mum, sis and I get to see some interesting sights and eat some yummy food as well. I pray that it will be a joyful, memorable birthday trip for sis.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Cousin YH's Stroke

Last Thursday evening, auntie J called from Sydney to inform mum and I that my cousin YH is in ICU. He had a brain haemorrhage. When my mum, sis and I visited last Friday at Khoo Teck Puat hospital's ICU, he was conscious and able to speak to us. He was transferred to a regular ward on Sunday. Thursday evening itself, I also received news of BB's departure to be with the Lord. I attended BB's wake on Saturday late morning with Sheela. I wanted to attend her funeral service on Monday but had a vomitting spell on Monday which prevented me from going. Today, an alumni Paul Kim came by EAST for a visit with Jeremy. Paul had likely come by Singapore to attend BB's funeral.

Update: 28 Aug - Cousin YH has since been transferred to a regular ward and his blood pressure is now in the normal range. Praise God.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Session with A

This afternoon I had my third therapy session with A. We discussed issues of my growing independence and adulting as an adult by being more assertive towards both mum and sis. It was interesting how the concept of sis treating me as her "baby" came up. It was something which sis had herself recently vocalised. It was therefore also reflective of her dominant, patronising behaviour towards me which has been counter-constructive towards my self-development. I suspect to some degree it might be similar towards mum's interactions with me although to a different degree.

We also spoke on the relationship between staff and students - how it is unadvisable to get into any romantic relationships (even if the age differences might seem appropriate), as there are ethical concerns and I should always establish clear boundaries with students in a professional manner (no coffee talks, personal interactions, especially involving the opposite gender). There would be clear conflicts of interests when official matters come into play and then personal relationships would sour. Teachers, staff and students are somehow not to be friends in a professional setting. This is to err on the side of caution. Wise words for me to chew on. Group outings are somehow okay.

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Admin Ladies' Birthdays

Remembering Admin Ladies' Birthdays

M ~ 22 Jan, A ~ 6 Feb, AT ~ 24 Apr, S~ 27 Jul, K ~ 20 Sep, J ~ 12 Nov

Chappati Lunch at J's home

Lunch plans can be so spontaneous at EAST. Initially, I was supposed to be meeting D for lunch at 11:45am. D remembered she had an appointment and had to cancel on me. K wanted to have lunch at Beach Road, so I consented to drive her there for lunch, together with Ann. While waiting for A, we realised Ann was only going to arrive at EAST by 12:30pm. Karen and I decided to head to Beach Road by ourselves. As we were heading out, J was heading home with E and invited K and me along to his home for chappati lunch. Spontaneously, K and I decided to join them and abandoned our Beach Road lunch plans.

It was a good chappiti lunch at J's home today.

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

1st Post in August

Today being the first day of August of 2018, it means seven months have already passed us by. I have gathered the four birthdays of my Ping Pong team members.
Ray ~ 17 Feb, Ben ~ 22 Aug, Joe ~ 18 Sep and Erik ~ 14 Oct.

I went to Tekka food center thinking I could get discount using the PayLah app but ended up without using it because the stalls which I bought my food from did not have that facility. Oh well. Nonetheless, I had a pretty good lunch there.

New Home on the way

I have become a proud new home owner on 1 November 2018. My dearest mum and my childhood bestie bore witness to my key collection event at t...