Monday, July 02, 2018

1st Post in July

Today, as I left the therapist's office, I am reminded that I am a 44year old adult and look every bit like one but inwardly I seem a bit unsure about my adulting. One homework given me was to communicate to my mum and sis in a positive way to stop nagging me about my bedtime. I hope that homework can be done well when mum and sis come back from their holiday.

It was a good session with Andrea. She affirmed my capabilities as a contributing, responsible, working adult and pointed out the incongruity of how I am still treated as a child, not a full adult member of the household at home. My public and private lives are facing incongruence.

Andrea was good in helping me establish certain boundaries as an adult in my own life, within my primary relationships.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Mum & Sis vacationing in Budapest & Prague

Last Thursday, 21 June, I sent mum and sis to T3 to catch their flight to Doha and then transfer to a flight to Budapest. They have been travelling for nearly a week now. Sis has been sending lots of nice, picturesque shots home via whatsapp. I believe they should be on their way to Prague pretty soon. I have been enjoying my time without them - living life at my own pace. Attending conference that I enjoy, going to JB to check on Brownie, and basically just savouring solitude which I do not get enough of when both mum and sis are around.

Cousin Tat Fong's Passing

My beloved cousin Tat Fong went to be with the Lord on 21 April 2018, about two months and six days ago. I travelled down to KL on a coach to attend her funeral on 22 April. My mum and sis were by her side as she passed on, along with a host of close family and relatives. She waited till her favourite niece Natalie returned from the UK to KL to bid her farewell, before breathing her last. Also, the last person she beheld was her favourite auntie June who was by her side daily during the last week of her life in the hospital. I give thanks for my cousin Tat Fong who had given so much of her time, talent and treasures to her immediate family, extended family and church family. I will always hold cherished memories of this dearly beloved "tai jie jie" in my heart.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

1st Post for 2018

It is already 26th June 2018 and almost half a year of 2018 has gone by. My last entry on this blog was last October, two days after my 27th baptism anniversary where I recounted God's greatest blessing - in keeping my faith in Jesus well and alive.

June has been very eventful for me. The 5th Asian Christian Teachers Conference happened during 15-18 June at ACS Barker Road. The nearly 100 international delegates from ASEAN (Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Timor Leste, with a sprinkling from Singapore) stayed at Oldhall Hall. The morning sessions and evening vespers were held at the Drama Theatre and afternoon workshops and seminars were held at the Learning Centres at the Secondary Block. Together with the local participants, we had over 170 delegates. I was thoroughly exhausted but exhilarated throughout the very inspiring conference. It brought back some wonderful memories of the 1st Asian Christian Teachers Conference I helped organised at the newly opened Girls' Brigade Centre in 2003. I remember back then, we had Rev John Ting speak on the theme "Jars of Clay". For this year's conference, the highlight for me was definitely Ms Seah Jiak Joo's nightly vesper.

Following hot on the heels of ACTC2018, was EAST Faculty and Staff Retreat 2018, at Changi Cove, themed "One Heart". We had Dr Daniel Chua, senior pastor of Mount Carmel share from God's word in 1st and 2nd Samuel, highlighting the spirit of Jonathan and the spirit of Saul, and their differing relationship with David, God's anointed. We were called to imitate and cultivate the spirit of Jonathan when relating with our fellow co-workers with the Lord. The retreat was a refreshing time for most, if not all, of us who attended.

Over last Friday and Saturday, I was able to attend sessions at Go Forth 2018, with the theme, "Go Forth, Go Urban". I was deeply inspired by the messages of God's call on Singapore as the Antioch of Asia, way back from 1978 by Billy Graham. I was also inspired by how God has been using Singapore since and is continuing to use Singapore from then till now and into the future. I am blessed to be part of this call that God has placed on Singapore.

Monday, October 09, 2017

27th Baptism Anniversary

My 27th baptism anniversary on 7 October 2017 passed rather uneventfully, saved for a mistakenly mix-up of dates for Declan's 1st birthday party at Pizzaface. Mum, sis and I trooped down to Pizzaface by noon that day, only to discover nearly half an hour later, after wolfing down a shared chicken pie from a newly opened cafe nearby that Declan's party is on 14 October, not 7 October. I was guilty as charged for dragging both mum and sis down as the invite was sent only to me. I guess it goes to show the signs of aging - a poor memory, at 42.

Can't deny that as a middle-aged woman, I don't look one bit like a college age kid. Not that I'd like to be mistaken as one on campus but as an adult learner, being a part-time university student definitely has its challenges. I was at the Uni booth wanting to sign up for a step tracker and that was only eligible for students (of which I am legitimately one). The staff at the booth, who looks young enough to be my nephew (if my sis had married and given birth young enough) doubted my eligibility. It was fair enough I guess, given I am no spring chicken, but it hurt my ego somewhat. I am even older than Joanna Dong, the 35 year old finalist in China Sing! who already has two young children. Ah wells! Still, I have much to be thankful for - I have a sound mind, or at least sound enough to be typing this entry, fresh air to breathe, clean water to drink and a comfortable bed to sleep on at night. God is good. Most of all, my faith in my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is still alive and well. That, to me, is God's greatest gift.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Mar Mar Oo - Bye bye

Our Myanmar helper Mar Mar Oo has left for home last Tuesday, 5 Sep 17. She left our home on Monday, 4 Sep. It has been over a week since she left us. And it has been for a good two years since she had been with our family. So much has happened to our family during the past two years. So much has happened to me too. However, I trust that these two years have been an enriching time for our helper. That she has achieved her objective of wanting to live and work in Singapore. And enjoyed those free days where she could tour around Singapore with her sister and friend. I will miss her and all the good food she cooked - her Myanmar curry chicken, tea leaf salad and bee hoon salad were some of my favourites.

My cousin YH's 55th & Birthdays

Today is my cousin YH's 55th birthday. 12 September 2017. He was borned in 1962. The same year another cousin MF was borned (18 Feb 1962). He shares the same birthday month as my sister who recently celebrated her Jubilee birthday in style - a full three days of feasting followed by another food trail trip in Penang the next weekend. My sister had a joint birthday celebration with cousin P who gave us a treat at St Regis hotel. So, we had a full four days of feasting that started on 31 Aug and ended on 3 Sep.

fleeting feelings

feelings... are such fleeting things. I have always known them to be so.

They tend to come and go as they please. Especially when uninvited.

I do wonder why I do not have better boundaries, emotional control. I am always a little taken aback when I get a surprise visit from my feelings. Especially feelings I thought I had settled with, or feelings I thought I no longer should have. They seem to have a life of their own.

They come and go as they please. Uninvited they come. Unannounced they go.

Saturday, August 19, 2017


At SUSS inside the Starbucks here on a Saturday late morning. Just had a cuppa latte. It's less than half an hour to a film-making talk. Just thought it would be interesting to attend the talk - spice up my life, learn something new.

I am enjoying being on campus more and more. However, I figure I should set achievable and measurable goals here. Not just set the goals but actually achieve them.

Meanwhile, life goes on.

Monday, August 07, 2017

Day @ SUSS

Spent close to six hours at SUSS today. Started on my TMA01 but have not completed it yet. Found out I could print stuff by paying cash. 7 pages black and white cost 30 cents. I am making progress. Yay!

Strange Dream

I dreamt about receiving emails from P in response to a voice call I made to his phone. He was rather strict and stern about why I had re-contacted him when I had agreed not to do so anymore. Funny that I would dream about calling him and dream about his negative response. In fact, I dreamt he was reconciling with his in-laws and daughter. His relationships with them have improved. Such an unusual dream to dream. Definitely something to heed - not to give him any more voice calls, not even a text, ever.

1st Post in July

Today, as I left the therapist's office, I am reminded that I am a 44year old adult and look every bit like one but inwardly I seem a bi...